52 Weeks In and Around My Life…A Photographic Challenge

Week 3 #3 Before/After

As some of you might remember, we have several fruit trees on our property and I can or freeze the fruit. (Thank goodness they all have different ripening months.)   Pears have to be picked green and placed on a surface where they can lay without touching one another to ripen.  This takes a week or two of waiting patiently.  Then as they begin to ripen I can start the canning process which usually takes about three different times to get them all done.  It’s not difficult but one does have to be watchful.  So here you are…my Before and After.  Happy eating!


FullSizeRender (2)


Week 2 # Shades of Gray

My husband and I went over to Healdsburg for a few days for a quick get away weekend the beginning of August.  We had made reservation at our favorite restaurant, Barn Deva.  After a lovely dinner we found this beauty parked out front of the restaurant, a Peugeot 203 (1947-55) pickup.  The softness and roundness made you want to run your hands over it and in the dusk light it took on a bluish cast to it’s gray stock color.  So, this is why I’ve selected this image for the theme, Shades of Gray.

Week 02 Shades of Gray

Week 1 #7 Circle in a Square

A new year with new themes has begun…lets get this party started!

As many of you know we have had several major fires in our beautiful state of California.  The drought has been devastating and has fueled these fire with dry conditions making it extremely difficult for our fire fighters.  They battle in high winds, high temperatures, and exhaustion.  We are so grateful for these men and women who put their lives endanger protecting home, property and  forests.  That is why I have chosen this image of a fire station sign for this theme.

Week 01         Circle in a Square

Week 52 #50 Urban Scenery

Downtown Napa has been developing Main Street and the historic Riverfront district along our Napa River for the past decade.  The newest attraction are these buildings.  They have incorporated living and retail space all in one.  This is SO new for us “Napkins”.  Downtown was always for shopping and residential was for living.  As our city changes so does our Urban Scenery.

DSC_0821 crop

Week 51 #A3 Doors and/or Windows

August 24th will mark one year since we were hit with a devastating 6.0 earthquake that rattled our community for 20 forceful seconds.  Some repairs, like this home near downtown Napa, is just getting it’s foundation completed.  With it’s front porch gone and some windows and doors boarded up, this old house is a reminder of that day and how strong of a community we have become because of it.  “Stay Calm & Drink Wine”


Week 50 #47 Summer Fun

Our grand daughter is just beginning to enjoy the sweet things in life.  Here she is enjoy her second ice cream cone ever!  Could she have any better Summer Fun than this?

6-15-15 (24)Black and White

Week 49 #A1 Blue

While at the Yountville cemetery this highly polished, black granite tombstone caught my eye.  I ‘d seen stones and coins on top of grave markers before but never glass.  The contrast between the hardness of black granite and the light reflecting in and among the blue glass was striking and made it stand out among its brown, grey, and white dominate surroundings.DSC_0686crop_2